Activities On A Perfect Holiday In Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Africa.  A holiday to Mozambique would be ideal in many ways and it can be quite a wonderful experience if you visit the right places. Doesn’t matter if you are an adventurous person or a person who is after pure relaxation or maybe a romantic beach honeymoon, Mozambique would be a perfect place for your holiday, which will leave you with wonderful memories of the surroundings and friendly locals. Travelling by road is most advisable at it will enable one to see the beauty of this country. Scuba diving, snorkelling, horse riding, dolphin tours and sunset cruises are some of the things to do on your African holiday in Mozambique.

Popular places to keep you occupied in Mozambique include; Ponte de Ouro which is a very luxurious destination. Swimming and specifically swimming with dolphins is a thing anyone would have in their bucketlist and being here would make your holiday perfect in every way.

Scuba diving in this place is a must as it is very popular in this part of Mozambique.

Gaza is another place you would want to visit on your holiday to Mozambique. Sailing, canoeing, kite surfing are some of the things to do in this part of Mozambique where the Xai-Xai and River Limpopo meet at a place called Bilene. This makes it an attractive destination for adventurous travellers.

You would want to visit Maputo which is the capital city of Mozambique. It is a cultural hub where you will interact with people from all over Mozambique while you can get yourself artifacts and treasures.

Benguerra Island is another destination you would like to get to when on holiday in Mozambique, it has beautiful beaches where you can go swimming and scuba diving sites which are breath taking. Whales and dolphins are also a common attraction.

Magaraque Island is a beautiful place and a must see on your Mozambique holiday. One can do sail fishing and ocean cruises which would make up a perfect afternoon.

This are among them many things that you would do on your African trip to Mozambique and provide to have that perfect experience on your holiday.


Best Beaches in Mozambique

Africa is a continent that hosts over a million tourists every year. This continent has so much to offer with exotic tourist attraction destinations. One of the reasons that make Africa an adventurous place that calls for exploration is that it has a favorable weather and friendly climate for all foreign visitors. Talking of a place with good and favorable climate, Mozambique is that place. In this country, we find among the best beaches in Africa. If you are planning to escape to an offshore environment, then listed below are some of the best beaches in Mozambique ( you can explore.

Best beaches in Mozambique

1. Wimbi beach

On top of the list is Wimbi beach. You can take your vacation to this wonderful spot and indulge in sun bathing and have a taste of the African sea foods. It is a big beach with several resorts that offers accommodation so you don’t have to worry about a place to rest your head.

2. Quirimbas archipelago Island

In this beach, you get the chance to sea over 400 species of fish some of which you never knew existed. Quirimbas archipelago beach offers the most amazing view of the water surface; you will be thrilled by the calm blue color extension of the water.

3. Tofo beach

Another on the list is Tofo beach. If you are one who likes water fun activities, then this is the place to be. You can engage yourself in life exiting activities such as;

· – Water diving

· – Motor boat tours

· – Swimming and surfing

All these activities can take place during the day and when the night falls turn to one of the resorts for wine and delicious meals.

4. Xai Xai beach

Another most exotic beach to discover is he Xai Xai beach. It is one of the largest producers of fish in Mozambique. If you are looking for a place to relax your mind and learn the basics of fishing, the look no further than Xai Xai Beach.

5. Inhaca Island

Last on the list is the beautiful Inhaca island beach. It is the home of many aquatic creatures and reef. Its view is brilliant with sand dunes scattered all over.

With all these options in mind, next time you will be planning for a coastal vacation where you can relax and enjoy yourself consider Mozambique: The Best Beaches In Africa. Need accommodation for your Moz holiday? Make sure to check out Bazaruto Anantara.